LifeStyle   Connections


General Event Rules Terms and Information

While our goal is to provide the most fun and uninhibited atmosphere possible there are a few rules we ask you to follow. Any Issues or complaints should be directed towards party staff or security.

Smoking allowed ONLY in designated smoking area. outdoor rear patio. Vapers, please follow same rules.

No weapons or drugs of ANY TYPE allowed

Please have a photo ID just in case you are asked.

Inappropriate/ Aggressive behavior or nuisance is grounds for removal without refund

General Lifestyle Etiquette applies; No Means NO, Always Be Respectful and Responsible, No Joining unless invited Etc. If you are being a pest, un-invited touching or just being an ass, you will be removed! (Guy or lady).

We reserve the right to remove those who will not follow simple rules, but we must know about the situations. PLEASE tell us if you are having issues with anyone. If you do not let us know- then your fault, dont bitch about it later!

We reserve the right to remove anyone for any or no reason or explanation.

Single Men- Yes we must address single guys and although most are courteous the actions of a few tarnish all. Please be respectful and courteous at all times. No touching or joining without CLEAR invitation. No means no, and if told no or asked to exit ones private room please do so without attitude. Guys, just act decent and everyone will have a great time. Complaints made will result in removal without refund and ban from all future events.

We take the privacy of our events and attendees very seriously. Those attending must abide by strict confidentiality standards. The happenings inside events and at venues as well as those attending events is not to be shared. This includes communicating details, photos, names and anything else that we may have stated, implied or even feel violates the confidentiality of all parties. Violation of these or any other rule will result in actions up to and including legal action against such individuals. 

Attend at your own risk-  SEE LEGAL DISCLAIMER and ASSUMPTION OF RISK DOCUMENT BELOW! We are not responsible for lost or stolen belongings or damages to person or property including any type of accidental damages or death. By attending you hold harmless Lifestyle Connections, Partner groups/clubs,venue owner, our staff, officers, Board, owners, donors, vendors and heirs.  We reserve the right to change and or modify any and all rules and releases without notice. Drink at your OWN risk.

No part of our event, promotions, website, event posting via social media, wording, phrases or photos may be used without prior written consent.
Misrepresentation and the use of Lifestyle Connections / LSC name or group and our likeness is NOT allowed.

Photos- all event photos by staff or sponsored photographer are the property of Lifestyle connections. Although we discourage additional photos, we do ask that you gain prior permission from those in photos. By taking photos, you become solely liable for such photos! Photos taken for slanderous reasons including for purposes not in the best interest of Lifestyle Connections or in use of sharing identity will be met with swift legal action from our attorney.

We will NOT ALLOW solicitation or promotion of ANY club, group, business or event with out express written consent. This includes agents AND non agents of such entities. Please contact us to submit a written request and outline 30 days prior to any event. We do welcome other groups and love helping to promote those who share our vision and love for the entire LS community. The Lifestyle Connections marketing and promotions team would love to help you with your next event!

Dont be fooled- we do work with and support/ promote other clubs and groups. However beware of ANY person, club or group who illegally uses our name and likeness to line their pockets. All official Partnerships will FIRST be posted here on our site in the event description. Please email us in the event you do see our name being used anywhere inappropriately!

No refunds, credits or exchanges for ANY reason unless stated per event and as outlined per event. ALL refunds subject to a service fee. NO refunds after refund deadline as stated per event.

Cancellation of an event due to forces beyond our control or "Act of God" will NOT necessarily constitute a refund.

Hotel Room Reservations- You will be completely and solely responsible for any room booked in your name. ANY and ALL damages, theft, misuse, smoking or cleaning fees will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! We reserve the right and will seek legal action for any occurrences that are not PAID for in FULL within 7days of an event. Damages to your room may result in being banned from future events or a $2500.00 CASH deposit on your next room prior to the event.

ALL Rules and policies are subject to change without notice.

Membership - Membership is conditional based on said members good standing with LSC. All rules must be followed and agreement to all terms, conditions and liability release. Membership can be suspended or revoked at any time without notice and at will.

New to Lifestyle Events?  Please contact us prior to event for any questions or see registration table on day of event

We hope you have a GREAT PARTY and we are looking forward to meeting you and developing some Awesome Lifestyle Connections!!


By participating in this event, you give up important legal rights, including the right to sue.  Please read carefully.  All participants MUST BE 21 OR OLDER.  
This event has been promoted by Lifestyle Connections  LSC (organizer)


I hereby understand and agree that the Organizer of this event is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage of any kind sustained by any person or property while participating in the event and travelling to or from the event, including injury, loss or damage sustained as a result of participating in any and all activities connected and associated with this event and hereby waive, release any and all claims against Organizer and any of their employees, volunteers, agents, members, managers and representatives, event venue staff and owners (Hotel, Bar, or ANY gathering place directly or indirectly promoted) LSC partners including but not limited to any and all current individual owners or future owners of Lifestyle Connections for injury, damage or loss that I may have or which may accrue to me arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with this event.
In consideration of my participation in this event, I acknowledge that I am aware of the possible risks, dangers and hazards associated with my participation in the event, (including intoxication if I choose to drink, the possible loss or damage to property and risk of severe or fatal injury to myself or others while attending the event or even while traveling to or from the event).  I am responsible for my own travel to and from the event.  I understand that driving under the influence is illegal and dangerous and that Organizers strongly discourage driving under the influence or alcohol or any other debilitating substance.  While the Organizer may negotiate discounts, deals or availability of transportation to or from the event, Organizer is under no obligation to do so and I remain responsible for my safety and the safety of others while traveling to, from or during the event.  

I acknowledge that by participating in this event, I voluntarily agree to these terms, and that this agreement is to be binding upon myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and representatives.