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Welcome to our membership page. Over the last few yeas with total attendees in the thousands it is quickly becoming necessary to require a simple FREE membership registration.  Eventually a Lifestyle Connections Membership number will be required to attend events.

This will help our entire group in many ways

1. With Sometimes hundreds waiting in line this will speed up entry into events.

2. Will help us track attendees and aid in planning future events.

3. As we ocassionally hold events in other states this will help us plan event locations.

4. Membership will give us additional legal advantages to protect our members.

5. This will also help us in locating owners of lost and discovered items.

No, there will be no lengthy application, blood test, DNA, background check, fees or anything crazy as such. 

What will be required?

Just some basic contact info; Name, email, contact #,  city and state. Couples please only fill out one form for you both

So Look for registration forms at our upcoming events or take a minute to fill the membership form below.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.


   LSC Team