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Shot Room Host Information

 Hosting a shot Room is a great way to meet a lot of new friends

in a relaxed atmosphere prior to the party starting. When hosting

a shot room you will receive a free party fee (for one couple or

single) and will only cover the cost of your room.  The shot

Rooms will all be located on the party floor/designated floor and

hosts should be ready to open their room at 7pm and wind down

around 9 so that everyone can make their way to the ballroom.

Shot Room hosts decorate their rooms in the party theme or a

theme of their choice, lights, music and more are all

encouraged. Hosts can choose to serve a shot of their choice to

party goers during this time frame. We recommend serving

smaller shots in the small disposable plastic shot cups. Most hosts

will make one big container- see photos below. Shots are

typically not just a straight from the bottle shot but usually more

of a mixed shot/ mixed drink type served as a shot. Drink Shots,

pudding shots, jello shots and more are completely fine. Party

goers will roam the party floor in a meet and greet type

atmosphere visiting the shot rooms and meeting new and old

friends. There are a couple of photos below just to get an idea of

the set up from rooms past.


      Once the ballroom winds down usually by 12am / 1am or so

people start to make their way back to the party floor however

there is no requirement to reopen your Room at that time as that

is completely optional. At most events we hold a shot Room

contest where shot Room host go completely all out in hopes of

being voted the best shot Room for that Event. Voting is by a

team of 6- 8 couples that judge the best based on the overall

look of the room and of course the shot. Winners are announced

in the ballroom around 11pm.

    The party floor- its the main hang out floor before and after

the ballroom party. This is where the shot rooms are located.

Depending on the event we have had in hall DJ's, a stage, and

have event built a stripper pole in the party floor hall on many

occasions. We have held after party contests like lingerie

contest, bare as you dare, pole contests, couples games and

more just depending on the venue.  On this floor anything goes!

Its wild crazy loud sexy and always naughty. If wanting to turn in

early, like before  2 am, we would not recommend getting a

room on this floor. This floor usually sells out FAST so always

book early!

   We do try to work out the details where shot Room host are

able to check in a bit Early in order to allow enough time for set

up. In addition shot Room host will only pay for the Room but NO

party fee. Room payment for the shot Room can be made

directly to us Preferably using Venmo if option is not available

online. We hope this helped to share a little information about

the set up and flow of the shot rooms and hope that you will

reach out with any additional questions you may have!

Thanks, LSC

* Shot Room hosts are expected to be ready to open their room at

7pm. If there are issues or delays, please reach out to us ASAP!

* NO refunds are given for shot rooms.